Weight-loss Drink For Summer/ Detox Drink

Detox is a very simple process of removing unwanted fat from our body. It helps in cleansing body from inside, rejuvenate ourself and it's a healthy weight loss process.
Sharing with you some of my favourite detox drink, which I have been consuming and it does really works on weight loss.

What Is Detox Drink:

                 Detox drink are made up of vegetables & fruits. They are packed with tons of vitamins, nutrients and minerals, which does wonder for our body.
       Detox drink not only helps in weight-loss but also improves our overall health, skin and brings a healthy change in ourselves.

Detox Drinks

Carrot Apple Detox Drink:

             ➡️Apple 1
             ➡️ Carrot 2
             ➡️ Ginger 1/2 inch


Wash all the ingredients well and roughly chopped them. 
            Put all the ingredients into the juicer.
            Blend it well and strain it and detox drink is ready.

Spinach, Orange, Apple Detox Drink:

              ➡️ Spinach 1 cup
              ➡️ Orange 1
              ➡️ Apple 1/2 
              ➡️ Lemon half


Wash all the ingredients well.
            Peel orange and chop apple & spinach roughly.
            Put all the ingredients in the juicer and blend it well.
           Strain it and enjoy healthy spinach juice.

Beetroot Detox Drink:

             ➡️ Beetroot 1
             ➡️ Carrot 2
             ➡️ Apple 1/2
             ➡️ Ginger 1/2


Wash all the ingredients well.
         Chop them roughly and blend them well in a juicer.
         Strain it and enjoy your drink.

Pineapple & Apple Detox Drink:

           ➡️ Pineapple 1 cup
           ➡️ Apple 1
           ➡️ Cucumber 1
           ➡️ Lemon 1/2


Wash all the ingredients well.
           Chop pineapple, apple, and Cucumber and blend them in a juicer.
           Strain it and then squeeze lime into it and enjoy your drink.
      All the above drinks are super healthy and great for weight-loss. It keeps you full for a longer time and it's super easy to prepare.
     Weight loss is not something that will happen overnight. You need to be patient and constant in your weight-loss routine.
       Enjoy the detox drink and follow a healthy diet routine. You will surely get an amazing result.

         Stay happy...... Stay healthy


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