Spot Treatment For Acne Scar

       Acne Scar is a dark spot which occurs on our skin after the appearance of acne. Everyone has atleast one scar in their body. It's quiet common in everyone and there is no need of feeling bad about it.
        A complete removal of acne Scar is possible but it cost a bit. But I can help you with a home remedy, which you can use to reduce the darkness in the scar and also make skin look even toned.


         ✓ Honey 1tbsp
         ✓ Lemon juice 1tbsp
         ✓ Nutmeg 1tbsp
         ✓ Cinnamon 1tbsp


         Mix all the ingredients well into a paste. Now cleanse face well and apply this mask on affected area using cotton bud.
       Leave it on till it gets dried and wash off with normal water.
      Pat dry your skin and apply your regular moisturizer.

Benefits of ingredients:


          Honey is incredibly good for skin due to its antibacterial properties and rich in antioxidants. It naturally moisturize the skin and it's a powerful skin treatment.


              Rich in vitamin C, that helps in reducing skin wrinkles, sun damage, dark spots and even out the skin.


            Nutmeg is one of the most powerful ingredient for reducing sight of pimples. High in anti-inflammatory properties.
            It helps in waking up dead skin cells on our face and especially around the mouth line. It has a major role in reducing scars.
           The antibacterial and antiviral property of Nutmeg held in reducing clogged pores and oiliness on skin.


              The antioxidant property of cinnamon help in fighting free radicals.

Do this spot treatment thrice a week and be constant to see visible result.
         Stay happy...... Stay healthy

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