Dot & Key Cica Niacinamide Night Gel Review | Night Gel For All Skin Type

    Acne, inflammation, skin irritation, pigmentation, dullness, dark spots, and many more are the common skin problems everyone is facing on their skin.
          All we can do is pick the correct product which suits our skin and treat the concern issue.
        In today's blog am gonna share with you all one such amazing product which you can use in your night routine for treating acne, dark spots, pigmentation, inflammation, and acne scars.

About The Product:

                   "Dot & Key Cica Niacinamide Night Gel" with green tea, tea tree oil, and hyaluronic acid.
                       It's a lightweight night gel that suits well for sensitive, oily & acne prone skin. It also calms and soothes redness & irritated skin which was caused due to acne.


           There are 4 main ingredients in this cica niacinamide night gel:
               1. Cica
               2. Niacinamide
               3. Green tea
               4. Hyaluronic acid

          Centella asiatica or cica is a medicinal herb found in tropical parts of Asia.
         It's a chines medicine that has been used to treat wounds, incisions, and burns.
        Cica is rich in amino acids, antioxidants, and vitamin A, B, and C, all of which helps in boosting collagen and treat acne & helps in calming irritated skin.
         Cica-infused skincare products can be used daily both day & night.
                 Niacinamide also known as nicotinamide, is a form of vitamin B5. Niacinamide helps balance oil and sebum production, which decreases breakouts.
               It is rich in antioxidant that can protect skin from damage and even helps in reversing it.
Green Tea:
            Green tea has a wide range of therapeutic properties that can benefit the skin in many ways.
            The antioxidant in green tea has the ability to fight free radicals which helps in protecting the skin against cancer.
        The vitamin B-2 in green tea has the ability to maintain collagen levels, thus improving the firmness of the skin.
The anti-inflammatory properties of green tea can help reduce skin irritation, skin redness, and swelling.
Hyaluronic acid:
              Hyaluronic acid is a humectant that can hold water molecules onto the surface of the skin to keep it plump and hydrated.
         Regular use of hyaluronic acid helps in reducing wrinkles, treating eczema, and facial redness, deeply moisturizing, healing wound, increasing skin elasticity, etc.
                       It's one of the ingredients that can be used by all skin type and cause no side effects.


             The product comes in clear bottle packaging with a screw lip opening. it also has a spill-proof lid.  They also provide a spatula with which you can scoop the required amount of gel.

            Since it is a glass bottle, not that safe to carry while traveling. Now Dot & Key has introduced a plastic pump bottle of the same night gel, which is totally travel-friendly.

Cost & Availablity:

                 Dot & Key Cica niacinamide night gel retails for Rs.495 for 50g.
   Both pump and jar bottle retails for the same price.
Talking about availability, they are available online only currently. 

Top Benefits:

           1. Fight acne, pigmentation, and dark spots including acne scars.
           2. Calms inflammation & redness to soothe skin.
           3. Provides balanced hydration.
           4. Moisturize without clogging pores.

My Verdict:

            I would definitely say this night gel is one of my favourite night products for my acne-prone skin.
            The texture and the consistency of the gel are very lightweight and absorb quickly into the skin without making the skin oily. Gives an instant fresh feel when applied to the skin.

        Earlier I was using "Plum Goodness Night Gel" which was almost the same as this cica night gel. Almost everything is the same in both the night gel. But comparatively the result of cica night gel was more visible than Plum Goodness.
           I would highly recommend trying this night gel. Especially if you are having oily acne-prone skin. Investing in such a good night product is worth the buy.
         My rating for Cica niacinamide night gel is 4.5/5.

                           Stay Happy....Stay Healthy


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