Benefits Of Using Ice Cube On Face

         Hey everyone sharing with you all some of the amazing benefits of ice cube for our skin during this hot burning summer.
        Ice cube work magically on our skin. It takes off all the stress and makes skin refreshing. Adding to it rubbing ice cube boots blood circulation on our face and helps to get that glowing skin.
       There are even lot more benefits so keep reading.........

Glowing skin:

                      As I mentioned earlier, rubbing a fresh ice cube from freezer helps in blood circulation. But how???? As you rub ice cube on your face, it constricts the blood vessel which makes our body to circulate more blood to our face. By which our skin becomes more radiant.

Reduce and Smooth Acne:

Worried about acne on your skin???? Then this trick will do magic. Ice cube helps to calm down fresh acne and soothes the skin well. It even helps in drying them and nums the pain.

Reduce Skin Pores:

                Everybody has pores in their face. But some have large pores or can say open pores. Ice cube is one of the best ingredient to reduce open pores.             Pores are never going to disappear but it will get reduced in their size. A regular use of ice cube on face will do the needful.

Flawless Makeup Look:

                Applying ice cube on face before doing makeup help in shrinking pores, reduce oil secreation on skin and also keep the face fresh helping makeup last long.

Apart from these benefits there are also natural remedies with ice cube

➡️ Aloe Vera Ice Cube:

Take fresh aloe Vera and blend it in a blender. Pore it in ice tray and place it in freezer.
    Apply a cube everyday on face and let it dry. Do not wash face.

➡️Orange Ice Cube:

Orange is packed with vitamin C, which helps in reducing pigmentation. 
Squeeze out orange juice and store it in ice tray in freezer. Apply a cube everyday. Do not wash face.

Green Tea Ice Cube:

Green tea is packed with antioxidant, which helps in reducing acne and calm irritated skin. 
Green tea ice cube is best for sensitive skin.
 Brew strong green tea and pore it in ice tray and place it in freezer. Apply a cube on face every day. Do not wash face.

Same way you can also make :
✔️ Cucumber Ice Cube
✔️ Watermelon Ice Cube
✔️ Papaya Ice Cube
✔️ Rose Petal Ice Cube
✔️ Potato Ice Cube

There are lot more ice cubes that you can try by your own. However, you need to be consistent with your therapy. Otherwise there won't be any visible result.
      Hope this was helpful. Share your feedback in the comment.

          Stay happy..... Stay healthy

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