Skincare has turned out to be everyone's new BFF. More than makeup every man & woman have started taking more care of their skin by Testing new skincare products, and new launch in the market, checking if they fulfill the claim or not, and making changes in their skincare routine to see visible results in the skin.
            So if you are looking for a product to reduce hyperpigmentation, and dark spots and want to get that clear spotless skin then this product is definitely for you.
            Introducing Loreal Paris newly launched Glycolic bright Instant glowing face serum with an optimum concentration of 1% glycolic acid.

About The Product:

                Loreal Paris newly launched glycolic bright instant glowing face serum with 1% glycolic acid helps to reduce 5 years of dark spots in just 2 weeks.
              This serum is optimized for home usage, gentle for daily use, and suitable for all skin types. This serum is validated by the loreal Paris international council of Dermatologists which has leading dermatologists from all over the world.
           It is clinically and dermatologically tested.

What Is Glycolic Bright & Benefits:

               Glycolic acid is a powerful skincare ingredient that belongs to the family of molecules called Alpha Hydroxy Acid, which is the smallest and lightest molecule in the family.
              Glycolic acid works in 2 ways:
 👉 It penetrates deep into the skin to remove melanin build-up cell by cell, thus reducing dark spots.
👉 It also works on the surface by removing dead skin cells revealing bright skin.
      Glycolic acid is one of the main ingredients used by dermatologists across the world for anti-aging and skin brightening treatment.
         It also has the potential to reduce hyperpigmentation and skin discoloration. I would say this is one of the best skincare ingredients you can include in your routine.


              Loreal Paris glycolic face serum comes in a two-toned glass bottle that is tinted. Am totally loving the color combination and it looks very classy and clean.
              The serum can be quickly taken out using the dropper, which makes it convenient and hygienic. Also, it's travel friendly.

Consistency & Fragrance:

          This Glycolic bright serum has a consistency like every other serum. It has a light liquid texture and it is white in color.
           The texture of the serum is lightweight and it blends easily into the skin without giving any oily or sticky feel.
           Talking about the fragrance, it has a pleasant smell, which is very soothing. And the fragrance fades after a while.


           The two main ingredients used in this serum are glycolic acid and niacinamide.

Cost & Availability:

       Loreal Paris Glycolic bright serum is available in 2 sizes:
                         1. 15ml retails for 399 rupees.
                         2. 30ml retails for 749 rupees.
     The 15ml size bottle rate is very affordable and you can definitely give it a try and is a perfect one, to begin with.
        Currently, it is available online only.

My Verdict:

        Glycolic acid was totally new in my skincare and for a long time I wanted to try it but I couldn't find any good that suits my skin.
       And that's when I heard about loreal Paris introducing the glycolic bright range and I was totally excited to try it because I have already used their hyaluronic serum which worked wonders on my skin. So I was really looking forward to trying the glycolic range from Loreal Paris.
        I started off with a 15ml one and as mentioned I used it in my day and night skincare routine just to check if it fulfilled its claim of reducing dark spots in 2 weeks.
      Talking about the reduction in dark spots, from day 3 I could see some visible brightness on my skin, and overall my skin was glowing.
       The pigmentation mark has reduced much better than before and mark visibility has gone down. Even the application part was quite easy. All I had to do was dab the product into my skin and it got absorbed fully.

       There was no stickiness or greasy feel after use. I complete the routine with Loreal Paris glycolic bright day cream with SPF17. Still, I top it up with another sunscreen of SPF50 as SPF17 is not enough for the humid climate where I stay.

     Overall the product is pretty decent and affordable to try, even the result is good there was no complete disappearance of narks even after 2 weeks, Maybe it gradually reduces as you keep using it.
            My experience of using glycolic acid for the first time was really good. There was no side effect and ya you can definitely try it if you are looking forward to adding glycolic acid to your skincare routine. A good affordable and trustable one in the market.
          My rating for loreal Paris glycolic bright instant glowing serum is 3.9/5.
                            Stay Happy....Stay Healthy

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