We ladies love to have pink soft lips but as the climate changes our lips tends to dry, crack and chap. Which makes our lips look dull and dark. Moreover our lips are covered by a thin layer of skin, which do not have any pores, oil gland or hair. So Its really important for us to take extra care about our lips
                   Its not a big deal to have a proper routine for lips. Its quite simple and easy. Just follow the below steps for getting those beautiful lips.



         Hydration plays a very important role in taking care of lips. If you are dehydrating from within, it will be shown in your outside skin. Especially in your lips.
       When we are dehydrated, our mouth and lips get dried, which causes dryness on the top layer of our lips and leads to cracks on it. Maintain a proper diet and drink atleast 8 to 10 glasses of water everyday.
        Make sure to take in food which are rich in Vitamin A and C to help increase collagen.



Exfoliation of lips is very important during cold season. That's the time our lips become more dull and flaky. Exfoliation of lips will help in getting soft and pink lips. Do not exfoliate lips daily that can worsen your lips and cause redness, irritation and soreness. Once or twice a week is enough.
  My simple and inexpensive way of exfoliation is with sugar and honey.
 Just mix both ingredients in equal proportion and scrub your lips slowly in circular motion. This will remove the dead skin and give you a smooth soft lips.
You can even exfoliate with coconut oil and sugar. These methods are so effective and simple and the ingredients are easily available in our kitchen.



        Like how we take care of our face by exfoliating and by applying face pack/ face mask, the same way we need to take care of our lips. 
 Home made lip mask are great way to moisturize your lips. We can easily make a variety of lip mask with the ingredient available in our kitchen.

Honey mask:

 Honey is a great moisturizer for chapped lips. Just simply apply to your lips before bed and morning you will have a soft smooth lips.

Honey and glycerin mask:

       Mix few drops of honey and glycerin in the ratio of 2:1. Apply it on the lips and leave it overnight. Repeat this till crack in the lips disappear.

Beetroot mask:

Just cut a piece of beetroot and rub on your lips and leave it for 10-15 minutes. Then wash off with cold water. Do this everyday for getting pink soft lips.

Ghee/ butter mask:

Just apply a thick a thick layer of ghee or butter and leave for an hour or overnight or till your lips gets fully soaked in it. Wash off with water. This will help to retain moisture in lips.



      Everyday before going to bed make sure to apply a thick layer of lip balm. This will help to keep away the dryness from your lips for the next whole day.


Drink lots of water and keep yourself hydrated.
◆ Never ever wet your lips with saliva. Saliva contain enzymes which helps in breaking down food for digestion. These enzymes are harmful for the lips.
◆ Reapply the lip balm when ever required.
◆ Do not forget to moisturize lips during night.
◆ If you are a lipstick person, make sure to apply a thick layer of lip balm under the lipstick.
◆ Never ever bite or peel off the dry skin from the lips. This will lead to bleeding in the lips..
◆ Do scrub / exfoliate lips once or twice a week.

 Make sure to follow the above steps and get that soft smooth pink lips.

Hope you found this helpful. Thank you...
  Stay Happy.... Stay Healthy...

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