Natural Vibes 

        Ayurvedic Vitamin C Skincare Serum Review

Hello everyone.... Welcome back to my blog/ page. Today am sharing my experience with a new skincare product which I recently started using . Its a vitamin C skin serum from the brand NATURAL VIBES.

About The brand:

          NATURAL VIBES is proudly an Indian brand. SHAHIL SHAH and SHRUTHI SHAH are the co-founder of natural vibes.

Taking About The Package:

    It comes in a normal cardboard box with the product inside. But the best part is the opening of the box. It opens up like a flower with the product in the center. I was totally impressed with the packaging itself. All the details about the product is given in the box. Even the expiry and manufacture dates are given clearly.

You will receive a coupon code inside every box, it's for planting a tree. Procedure are given in the coupon itself, you just have to follow it and help them plant a tree.

About The Serum Packaging:

 Serum comes in a glass  pump bottle. Its very handy and travel friendly. It do not leak or spill and the glass bottle is really strong. Its a see through bottle. Quite easy to pump out the product. Just 2-3 pump of product is enough for entire face and neck. There is no much detail about the product  on the bottle, everything is printed in the box.

What Does Product Claims:

   Reduce the sign of aging and lighten the skin tone.
  NATURAL VIBES Ayurvedic Vitamin C Skin Serum is a proprietary blend of aging and maintain a healthy, youthful complexion much longer into the future. It is absolutely non-sticky. Made with natural source of vitamin C such as PEACH, AMLA, LEMON, ORANGE, GRAPE SEED and ALOE VERA. This Serum will prevent the skin from oxidative damage and reduce premature sign of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, acne, blemishes, pigmentation and dark spots. It will further promote skin lighten and firming leaving a toned, well-nourished skin. Vitamin C Serum blend will help you reap the healing benefits of aromatherapy.


            Peach: Peach is loaded with nutrients like vitamin A, C and K, thus making it one of the strongest anti ageing agents. It fights the free radicals that create the sign of ageing. Peach is a good exfoliator. It will help you to get rid of dead and dry skin cell.
           Amla:  Amla being rich in antioxidants, it cleanses the skin leaving it with a radiant glow. It also helps in reducing pigmentation. Amla gas tge properties to delay premature ageing.
           Lemon:  Lemon being rich in citric acid will brighten your skin over time. Lemon is also antibacterial in nature, thus effectively helps in fighting acne, blemishes and blackheads.
          Grape seed:. Grape seed has anti-inflammatory properties which prevent further breakouts on the skin. Grape seed has a great amount of vitamin E which works towards reducing clogged pores. Grape seed extract benefits the skin appearance by bonding with collagen which is the building block 9f healthy skin.
        Orange: Orange is a natural bleaching agent, which will help in reducing dark spots. It will also help in reducing sun tan by deflecting harmful UV rays from attacking skin cell.
         Aloe vera:  Aloe vera helps in retaining skins natural moisture. It provides a protective layer ti the skin . Its anti microbial property help in taking years of your face. It also act as a skin tightening and firming agent.

Direction For Use:

               Apply the Serum twice a day, morning and night and leave it on.
             You can even use it as a primer under your makeup. This will help to control the damage to the skin, which occurs due to the chemical present in makeup.
           Even men can use this serum after shaving their face as it soothe the skin and fight the bacteria & rashes created by Sharp metal razor.


      Ayurvedic Vitamin C Skin care Serum 30 ml cost ₹999. You can get this product under good discount.

Where To Get This:

            NATURAL VIBES Ayurvedic Vitamin C Skin Care Serum are available in online sites like Amazon, nykaa, flipkart and from their own site Natural vibes .
   Its under discount in all those sites, so grab one for you today itself. You can even follow them here Facebook pageInstagram and Youtube.

My Experience:

            I came to know about this brand NATURAL vibes is through instagram. I checked about the product in their page and was happy to know that all their products are 100% ayurvedic and free from paraben, SLS, SLES, Phthalate. And the most important is , its cruelty free. It also suits for all skin type. So without any worry about my oily skin I can give it a try. So I got one for myself from Amazon.
Started using it from the day I received it. Could see a good visible result after one week of use itself. My  skin became more soft and it was glowing without any highlighter. Dark spots was fading off and there was no greasy feel on my skin.
Consistency of the product is watery, which helps the product to blend and absorb into the skin quickly. It also moisturize the skin well. Its been almost one month am using this product, did not have any breakouts or irritation with the product. I even use it under my makeup to get a smooth base. 
     This Serum should be used by anyone above 25 years of age. Its also suitable for pregnant women, as it  doesn't have any kind of chemicals. It is 100% free from Paraben, SLS, SLES, Phthalate, DEP, DBP, DEA, PG and PABA .
    Overall this serum is worth trying and I would recommend it for everyone above 25years, which is the correct time to start using anti- ageing products. It is little bit pricey but you can get it under discount. But personally I feel it's worth for that price.

  If you have tried out this serum, let me know your thoughts about it and share your experience in the comments below so it will help other readers.

                       Hope this review was helpful........
                    Stay happy..... Stay healthy.....


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