A new revolution in sunscreen by " Plum Goodness" and am really excited to share my review of this product.

         A month ago I received " Plum Goodness Rice Water and Niacinamide 2% Hybrid Sunscreen from the brand and here am sharing my experience and thoughts on this product.

About The Product:


Plum Goodness Rice Water and Niacinamide 2% Hybrid Sunscreen with SPF50 PA+++ is a multitasking daily sunscreen, infused with a hybrid UV filter.
             A hybrid UV filter is a blend of UV reflecting physical filter and UV altering chemical filter, which not only protects skin from harmful UV rays but also prevents photoaging & tanning.
         Also, it's a lightweight sunscreen with no white cast, dermatologically tested, fragrance-free, and suitable for all skin types.


             There are 3 main ingredients in this sunscreen:
                                 2% Niacinamide
                                  Rice Water
                                  Hybrid filter


                         Niacinamide is a multi-purpose skincare ingredient. It's a water-soluble form of vitamin B3, which helps in building keratin, brightens skin, and clears blemishes.

Rice Water:

                  Rice water is a good source of vitamins & antioxidants that gently exfoliate dead skin cells and brighten complexions.

Hybrid Filter:

     Hybrid filters protect skin against UVA & UVB and its extremely beneficial for blocking out blue light.
                        It also doesn't give a chalky appearance, no irritation or burning on the skin, gives a calming effect, and prevents hyperpigmentation.


                   The product comes in a pump tube packaging with a plastic lid. Quit easy to take the required traveling amount of product and there won't be any messy spills if you travel with the product. Size is very compactable, fits well in the bag, and can carry and use anywhere at any time.

Texture & Consistency:

         This sunscreen has a light texture and blends easily. Actually, it has a creamy look but it's almost like a gel & water-based and while applying it just glides on the skin and the skin feels very smooth.

Top Benefits:

           Protect against UVA & UVB
           Prevent photoaging & tanning.
           Brightens skin & reduce blemishes.
           Lightweight and no white-casting.
           Chemically proven & consumer-approved results.
           Dermatologically tested.
           No animal ingredients and no harmful chemicals.

My Verdict:

                Sunscreen is one of the stable products in my skincare routine and physical sunscreen was the one I usually use.
         When I heard about "Plum Goodness" a New hybrid sunscreen, was excited to try it out and know how it works on my skin.
           The texture of the sunscreen was almost similar to the earlier one I was using, light-weight blends quickly into the skin and a gentle massage would do for the application.
                 Post application of the sunscreen, there was no greasy or oiliness on my skin and most importantly my skin was not looking grey which happens mostly with sunscreen.
             Could say there was a light shine on my skin due to oiliness but it never made my face look dull, actually, it was kind of glow and I loved it.

       Talking about skin brightening and tan reduction, yes could see some difference but not any drastic change. Moreover, it is a sunscreen and I don't mind if it doesn't brighten my skin until it gives good UVA & UVB protection.

Do I Recommend:

          YES!!! I definitely recommend this sunscreen because it has the benefit of both physical and chemical sunscreen and moreover the price of this sunscreen is affordable, which is just Rs.399.
        This sunscreen is suitable for all skin types except for Hypersensitive skin.
         Highly not recommended for hypersensitive skin.
       So that was my review on "Plum Goodness" Hybrid Sunscreen. I hope it was helpful.

                       Stay Happy...... Stay Healthy


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