Dot & Key Vitamin C + E SPF 50 PA+++ Face Sunscreen | Glow & Protect Skin Everyday

   The importance of sunscreen has been spoken about by many on the internet and now everyone has started including sunscreen in their daily skincare routine.
       Earlier sunscreen was just to protect the skin from UVA, UVB & blue rays but nowadays sunscreen has turned out to be one of the skincare products by which I mean, it not only protects the skin but also repairs the skin.
      Today we are gonna see about one such sunscreen that not only protects your skin from harsh sunlight & Bluelight but also repairs your skin and gives a healthy natural glow.

Dot & Key Vitamin C + E SPF50 PA +++ Face Sunscreen:

      Dot & Key Vitamin C + E Face Sunscreen is a 2-in-1 glow + protect sunscreen that helps to even out and protect the skin daily. 
      Infused with triple vitamin C which helps in fighting dullness, and pigmentation and boosts collagen production. The best part about this sunscreen is that it activates vitamin D receptors when the skin gets exposed to the sun. So our skin is protected as well it absorbs the goodness of vitamin D.


       The top main ingredients incorporated in this sunscreen are:

Triple Vitamin C:

         Helps in visibly glowing and energizing the skin by treating dullness.

Sicilian Blood Orange:

         This fruit is rich in antioxidants, which naturally fade dark spots and pigmentation for even-toned skin.

Vitamin E:

        Vitamin E is well known for soothing inflammation and irritation caused by sun exposure. Along with that, it provides a balanced moisturization.


          One of the must-have ingredients in sunscreen is "A UV Filter". Blocks out the harmful UVA, UVB & blue light rays, hence preventing further skin damage.

          Along with these, there are other ingredients, which are available on their website.


          This sunscreen comes in a slim tube with a pointed nozzle and a screw cap. The pointed nozzle makes the required amount of product come without any mess. Further, this packaging is perfect while traveling.
         Details regarding the product are printed on the bottle as well as on the outer box.


        This sunscreen has zero fragrance and it is absolutely suitable for sensitive skin.
    It is always good to opt for a fragrance-free product as it does not cause any kind of irritation.

Benefits of using:

       Top benefits of using vitamin C + E sunscreen according to the brand.
👉 helps in treating dullness.
👉 prevents further tanning.
👉 Block UVA, UVB, and blue light.
👉 Helps skin in absorbing vitamin D from the sun.
       Thus resulting in even-toned glowing and sun-protected skin every day.

Texture & Consistency:

       Sunscreen has a light water texture, which blends easily into the skin. Even though it has a white color, it does not leave any white cast after application.

Cost & Availablity:

            Dot & Key Vitamin C + E super bright sunscreen retails for Rs.445 and it's available easily online. You can always find this product at a discount. So go grab yours right now!!!!

 My Verdict:

         Dot & Key is one of my favorite skincare brands and it was really exciting to know about their sunscreen launch, which claims to have the benefits of skin brightening.
       So it's been more than several months since I have been using this sunscreen and can clearly give my readers a view on this product.
      As the brand claims the product has a water-light texture that absorbs quickly into the skin but as for my skin type the product was not completely absorbing and it felt a little bit oily after a while of application.
     Comparitively with other brand sunscreens I have tried, this one has the lightest texture. Also would like to mention that it does not give a complete matte look but at the same time not too heavy.
       I used to top up with compact powder just to get the matte look and it was good to go.
       Talking about the brightening effect, I haven't noticed any difference in my skin tone so far from using this product but there is a slight pigmentation reduction.
       Overall, this sunscreen works pretty well for normal skin as it doesn't completely mattify the skin and also has a slight moisturizing effect.
        The sun protection factor is pretty good and am totally satisfied with the result.

Do I recommend:

      Yes!!!! I do recommend it for all skin types except oily and especially if it is too hot outside it is gonna leave the skin more oily. But it is a great product for sensitive & also for combination skin.
     Also, this sunscreen does not cause any irritation in the eyes or skin and no bumps are caused, even if it is your first time trying this product.
     Overall, a perfect light-weight, no-white cast sunscreen for everyday use.

My RATING: 4.3/5
                       Stay Happy......Stay Healthy


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