SKINCARE | Bella Vita Organic Papyblem Face Gel Cream Product Review

      Taking care of our skin has been one of the most important task these days. On top of that using product with chemical has made our skin ruin to the worst.

    But thankfully we have some amazing home grown skincare products, which are natural and effective with no side effects.


 Today am sharing with you all one such home grown skincare brand product. It's "Bella Vita Organic Papyblem Face Gel Creme".

About  The Brand:

          Bella Vita organic or "The Good life" is a leading natural beauty and skincare brand.
    Bella Vita organic impersonates the authentic Indian traditional herbs, driven by the state-of-an-art and legacy driven expertise- moulding pure, authentic, natural and eco friendly products.
  All their products are infused with the pureness and authenticity of organic Indian herbs of the most superior quality.
   Every product that they produce are organic, extracted from natural, cruelty-free and chemical-free, sourced directly from the lush green fields of Kerala & south east Asia.

   Papyblem Face Gel Creme


Papyblem face Gel Creme is an acne spot removal creme, which actively assists in removing pigmentation by brightening the skin and gives a rejuvenated and healthy look.

Product Packaging:


Papyblem Face Gel Creme comes in a see through glass tub with aluminium opening lid.
      The whole product is than packed in a reusable jute bag, which is the highlight of Bella Vita Organic brand.
     It's a eco friendly packaging. To make a difference in the environment around us, Bella Vita Organic ensure that all their products are packaged sustainably and with environment friendly Packaging.

Texture/ Consistency:


Papyblem face Gel Creme has a light weight texture, which easily penetrate the deepest layer of the skin.
   Consistency of the Creme is gel kind and it has beautiful golden yellow colour to the Creme.


       Extract of papaya, saffron, rose, night jamine, aloevera, calendula, daisy, orchid, basil, lotus, glycerine, essence, deionized water & safe preservatives.
    All Bella Vita products are free from silicon, paraben and sulfate.

Has It Worked On My Skin:

          I included this Creme in my morning skincare routine. After cleansing and Toning I use this Creme.

     Papyblem gel Creme has reversed my skin damage along with that it has also reduced scars, blemishes, marks and pigmentation.
    Since its a gel Creme, it suit my oily/acne prone skin well. Also keeps skin hyderated for long time with less oiliness on skin.
   It's super gentle on skin and 100% safe. Good result on my skin can be seen day by day.

Highlight Of Papyblem Gel Creme:

❤️ Natural glow in a single step.
❤️ All natural and organic.
❤️ Stuffed with hand-picked saffron.
❤️ Wonder of pure aloe vera and papaya extract.
❤️ Fights acne, pigmentation and scar.
❤️ Rejuvenate damaged skin.

All over a perfect gel Creme for both men and women. If you guys are looking for perfect gel Creme for oily skin, then definitely give this product a try. I feel it's good to invest on natural ingredient product than a chemical filled product.

How To Use:

 ➡️Wash face with regular cleanser.
➡️ Evenly apply a small amount of the face gel Creme on face. Gently massage it untill absorbed completely.

Cost & Availability:

       Cost : ₹699 ₹399 for 60gm.
Bella Vita Organic Papyblem Face Gel Creme Click here to buy.
Easily available at online site like Amazon, nykaa, flipkart & purplle.
Also available at their store website

Hope the review was helpful.
  Stay happy.... Stay healthy