Bella Vita Grow brow | Product Review

      Having a thick eyebrow and lashes is a dream for all women, but everyone are not blessed with it.

       Do you think we can't get that thick shiny dark eyebrow and lashes?? 

        Yes we can get that beautiful eyebrow and lashes. Want to know how?, just keep reading....

   Today am sharing with you all a product review of "Grow brow oil serum" from the brand " Bella Vita Organic".

     Bella Vita organic is a leading natural beauty and skincare brand. Every product that they produce are organic, extracted from nature, cruelty-free and chemical-free and sourced directly from the lush green fields of Kerala and south east Asia.

About The Product: Grow brow:

         Grow brow is an all natural and a Kerala ayurveda formulation made from a unique formulation of organic & natural ingredients which helps in darkening and volumising the eyebrow and lash hair.

Product Packaging:


Grow brow serum Comes in a glass bottle with a plastic screw opening lid. It also contain a spill proof lid inside.

Along with the bottle, the brand provides an applicator brush, which makes the application of oil easy and also a mess-free.

Texture And Fragrance:

         Product has a oil texture but it's not sticky at all. It's quiet lightweight like a serum.
   It has mild essence, which gives a calming effect while applying.


         Oils of castor, almond, ajwain, onion, sunflower, Bhringraj, Amla, Brahmi, hibiscus, vanilla and vitamin E.

Key ingredient:

 Onion oil:
               ▶️ Rich in sulfur.
               ▶️ Ensure shiny and healthy hair. 
               ▶️ Nourish hair bed.
               ▶️ Reduce thinning of hair.
Castor oil:
                ▶️ Rich in ricinoleic acid and Omega-6 fatty acids.
                ▶️ Increase blood circulation.
                ▶️ Penetrate deep into the skin.
                ▶️ Softens and hydrates.
Brahmi oil:
                ▶️ Helps in deep nourishment of hair.
                ▶️ Promotes growth of thick & dark hair.
                ▶️ Strengthens hair follicles.
Vitamin E:
                ▶️ Rich in antioxidants.
                ▶️ Improves hair growth.
                ▶️ Keeps hair strong from inside.

How To Use :

           ✔️ Wash and remove eye make-up and pat dry.

           ✔️ Apply a small amount of this oil serum on eyebrows & lashes using the given mascara brush included with the bottle.

           ✔️ Apply it along the root-line of the lashes and eyebrows. Also, apply a small amount along the lash length.

           ✔️  Leave it overnight. Use this serum for at least 4-6 weeks for noticable changes.

My Verdict:

             This was my first time trying out the product for eyebrows and lashes, so I didn't have many expectations on the product. 
   As I started using the product, I could see little bit of changes in my eyebrows.
    Eyebrows were getting dark in shade as I continued using the product and it was getting some volume.
  The best part was the serum never irritated my eyes when I used it on my lashes.

    Taking about the fragrance, it has a very beautiful calming fragrance, which soothes and relax the mind.
The applicator provided with the product is so handy and convenient to use.
  Now I know why this serum is one of the best selling product in the market.

Benefits Of Using Grow Brow Oil:

❤️ No paraben, mineral oil and other harmful chemicals.
❤️ All natural & organic.
❤️ Castor oil stuffed.
❤️ Enriched with vitamin E, sunflower and Bhringraj oil.
❤️ Brow and lash enhancer.
❤️ An amalgam of natural ingredients.
❤️ Eco friendly packaging.


₹299 (offer price) for 12ml of product.
Bella Vita Organic Grow brow Click here to buy.
Check out their natural skincare range.
Also Grow Brow is available at other online stores like Amazon, flipkart and nykaa.

Hope my readers found this blog useful.

       Stay happy..... Stay healthy


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