SoRich Organics Rose Petal Powder Review

Hey everyone sharing with you all a organic product which am loving recently. It's from the brand " SoRich Organics" Rose Petal Powder.

About The Brand:

              Sorich organic works with a stable network of farmers and farmer groups, all of whome practice organic farming and grow natural, pesticide free products.
                  Our body is a temple and putting in raw and natural foods is the key to making it run efficiently. SoRich believe that the first step at a better life starts with the food you eat.


                It comes in a thick plastic packet with a zip lock, which is very useful and no need of transferring the product into air tight container after opening.
     All the details regarding the product is printed in the outter side of the packet.

Benefits :

               🌹 Plant based superfood.
               🌹 Helps in reducing dark spots.
               🌹 Works as an excellent exfoliant.
               🌹 Rich in anti aging properties.
               🌹 Rich in antioxidants.
               🌹 Act as a natural toner.
               🌹 Reduce blemishes.
               🌹 Cleanse skin deeply.
               🌹 Helps to treat acne and breakouts.

This product is 100% hand made and best in quality.
               ➡️ It's GMO free.
               ➡️ Vegan 
               ➡️ No added preservatives


          ₹250 for 100gms.
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My Experience:

 SoRich Organics Rose Petal Powder is 100% natural, no dought in that because you can easily find out with it's quality. It's a pure form of rose petal Powder.
           In the first use itself I could feel a kind of freshness and removal of dullness from my skin. Removes oiliness from the face but didn't dry out my skin but still I applied a little bit of moisturizer.
         There was no breakouts or irritation on my skin and this product does work as it claims.

Rose Petal Facepack:

         ➡️Rose Petal Powder 1to2 tbsp
        ➡️ Tomato juice 3to4 tbsp
Mix both the ingredients well into a thick paste. Apply it all over cleansed face and neck.
   Leave it for about 15-20 minutes, not necessary to dry the facepack fully.
   Rinse off with normal water.
Repeat this 2 times a week for best result.

Watch Rose Petal Powder Facepack video. Click on the link

        Stay happy.... Stay healthy

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