Lotus Herbal Whiteglow Face Masque Review

      Am not a fairness product person, but I love to try skin brightening products...

     So today am taking you through a product from Lotus Herbal White Glow Range. It's "Yogurt Skin Whitening & Brightening Masque." Am just ignoring whitening part because I don't believe that any product can whiten the skin. Moreover am very comfortable with my golden skin.

Product Claim:

 Whiteglow Yogurt skin whitening & brightening Masque enriched with yogurt and bearberry extract, improves skin texture making it firm to give you brighter, younger and radiant skin.

My Experience:

           This product does really what it claims. It brightens the skin with a subtle glow and moisturizes too.
     It do not dry your skin after use and also it removes the oiliness and dirt from pores.
   Since it doesn't dry out the skin, I feel it's perfect for even dry skin.
Taking about the texture, it's very creamy and thick. Also the masque will not dry at all and might feel very sweaty after applying it on the face.
     I kept the masque on my face for around 20-25 minutes and rinsed throughly  with normal water.
    This product is cruelty free but not chemical free. Just consider that if you are purchasing it.
  Overall it ✓ suite my skin well 
                    ✓ brightened my skin.
                    ✓ Remove dirt and oily.
                    ✓ moisturizing
                    ✓ good consistency to apply.
                       ✓ Affordable price.
                       ✓ easily available online.
                       ✓ Travel friendly packaging.

So that was my short Review about the product.

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           Stay happp.... Stay healthy

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