Rice water has been used as a traditional Beauty secret for centuries. It is beneficial for both skin and hair. Rice water naturally contains many vitamins and minerals. It also contain
                      🍁 Amino acid
                      🍁 B vitamins
                      🍁 Vitamin E
                      🍁 Minerals
                      🍁 Antioxidant

How To Get Glowing Skin Using Rice water:

 Things required for preparing rice water:
                       🍁 1 cup raw rice
                       🍁 1.5 cup clean water
                       🍁 Air tight container


      🌾 Take a cup of raw rice and wash it with water well.
       🌾 Soak washed rice in 1.5 cups of water and leave it for an hour.
        🌾 Now strain the water from rice and store it in a air tight container in refrigerator.

How To Use:

       Everyday after washing the face with your regular cleanser, wash your face again with the rice water and let it dry completely.

   You can store this water in refrigerator for 2 days and then can prepare fresh water. If you have time you can prepare fresh rice water everyday.

Benefits Of Rice Water:

       🌾 Treats damaged and aging skin.
       🌾 Helps to get rid of dark age spots.
       🌾 Minimise free radical damage from environment.
       🌾 Skin tightening
       🌾 Minimise pore size.
       🌾 Reduce hyperpigmentation.
       🌾 Vitamins and minerals helps skin revitalize and keep it smooth and bright.

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