Hello Everyone...., Today am reviewing Biotique Bio Carrot 40+SPF UVA/UVB Sunscreen Ultra Soothing Face Lotion.

    Sunscreen should be the most important part in our daily skincare routine. In which summer is the most important time to use sunscreen.
   During summer the days are longer, the sun is stronger and it's easier to spend more time in sun. Its not that you should apply sunscreen only when you step out of the house, it should even be used when you are at home. The UVA/UVB rays are present everywhere. It can easily effect your skin causing uneven skin tone, blemishes, dark spots, pigmentation, aging and so on. The damage that is caused by sun rays are equal for both men and women. 
    To protect my skin from all those problems,  I bought BIOTIQUE BIO CARROT SUNSCREEN FACE LOTION and it's been few months am using this product.
   Let's move to the review to find out if it worked for me or not.


                 In year 1992 BIOTIQUE began. Vinita Jain is the founder of biotique. Vinita Jain studied BIO-technology in Switzerland and used her immense knowledge and interest in bio-science to start biotique - a new age of potent organic beauty.
    She is the visionary who introduced modern swiss bio-technology to 5000 years old wisdom, featuring the best of the east and west with authentic, 100% vegetarian, ayurvedic skincare, haircare and wellness product.
    Biotique treatment do not cover up problem, they eliminate them, with 100% natural botanical, no chemical, no preservatives, no animal testing. All in one eco-friendly and recyclable packaging. Dermatologist tested for safety.

Description About The Product:


This nutrients rich lotion is blended with pure carrot oil, extract of carrot seed and lodhra bark, quince seed and aloe vera to keep skin soft, fair and moisturized in the sun. 
 Protect skin with broad spectrum SPF-40 UVA/UVB Sunscreen.


          Parija (Nyctanthes arbortristis)
         Lodhra (symplocos racemosa)
         Gajar (Daucus varta)
         Yadgar bhasm zind ash with herbs
         Singjerahata ( talc)
         Cream base Q.S


       Carrot is rich in carotene, a chemical that convert to vitamin A, credited with many healing and healthy properties. Its antiseptic qualities keeps skin purified and protected.


     Lodhra is an important ingredient of ayurveda skin care pack. Lodhra nourishes the skin and benefits in acne and wrinkles.



Bio carrot sunscreen comes in a orange color plastic squeeze tube. The tube has a flip cap. This sunscreen face lotion is available in 2 sizes and the one am reviewing here is the smaller one which is in a squeeze tube. The bigger one comes in a bottle packaging with a wide opening. The pack is covered with most of the information details about the product.
 Overall the packaging is quiet strong and travel friendly.


        The fragrance is not very heavy and also don't last long. Its a kind of herbal floral smell but not that strong.
  I did not have any discomfort with the fragrance.


        This Sunscreen is cream based as mentioned in the ingredient list but infront of the Outer package given as lotion which is quiet confusing. 
  In my point of view it's 90% cream based and 10% water based. Colour is pure white.
Consistency of the product is perfect for normal to dry skin. It will feel a bit sweaty and heavy for oily skin.

My Experience:.  

      Bio Carrot Sunscreen is a very good moisturizing sunscreen for everyday use. I use it everyday at morning after my moisturizer. It feels quite thick and greasy for my oily skin. Even though it's ment for all skin type.
  Whenever am at home I end my morning routine with this sunscreen. Incase of going out I just apply a matte compact powder which easily removes out all the greasiness of the sunscreen.
   Even though the sunscreen is very greasy, I have never got any breakouts. 
  Actually my skin has become so supple now. And as there is no chemical or paraben or artifical colour in this, no need of worrying about side effects.
  Am totally happy with the products, except that it makes my face little oily apart from that it's a very good sunscreen which is super affordable.
  Bio carrot sunscreen works best for normal to dry skin.


        ●Super hydrating
        ●Travel friendly
        ●High SPF
        ●Preservatives free


       ●Quiet heavy as a face lotion
       ●Contain sunflower oil
       ●Not suitable for oily-combination skin

Do I Recommend this:

             Yes sure I will recommend this if your skin is normal to dry. It's a perfect sunscreen for dry skin, which protect your skin with high SPF as well moisturize it.




  1. Does it works on oily and acne prone skin?

    1. Not really. But I would suggest you to use neutrogena sunscreen. You can check this article before purchase

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