Hi guys, Today am going to review a face serum from Natural VIBES, which I recently bought from Amazon. Natural vibes is my favorite skin care brand which I trust with no doubts. I have already used and reviewed their VITA C SERUMCHARCOAL FACE PACK and TEA TREE FACE WASH, which I absolutely love it.

     Today's review is about Tea tree Face Serum from NATURAL VIBES. Since I have already spoke about their brand and packaging of the product in my previous blog, now am jumping into the product details and my experience about the Serum. If you are interested in knowing about the brand and packaging (which I love the most) just click here.

What Does The Product Claims:

             Fight acne, blemishes and dark spots. Lightens your skin tone and protect your skin from further outbursts. Natural vibes skin care pulls the dirt out of your pores leaving you with a lighter, glowing skin. It is absolutely non sticky.
     Made with ayurvedic ingredients, all our products are proud to be 100% vegetarian, free of paraben, animal by-products, propylene, glycol, sodium lauryl sulfate, harmful fragrances, mineral oils, petroleum and other harsh cosmetic chemicals.


        The main ingredients in the face serum are:
                 ◆Tea tree
                 ◆Aloe vera

Tea Tree:

      Tea tree being anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-septic and anti-inflammatory in nature works best to relieve acne itching, redness and burning.
   Tea tree Serum is considered acne's worst enemy. It helps in reducing the sebum production in the skin. Thereby protecting skin from further outburst.
 Its loaded with disinfecting and soothing properties, tea tree offers the best treatment for acne.
 Tea tree oil moisturizes and restore the skin's natural oil balance.

Aloe vera:

           Aloe vera is a perfect anti-aging ingredient that helps in pulling years off your face. It lightens your blemishes and help reduce tan. Aloe vera is known to fight the UV rays we are exposed to on a daily level this working as a damage control agent.


    Neem leafs being high in fatty acids and vitamin E are great to reduce black heads and white heads and healing damaged skin. It act as a moisturizing agent that reduce your wrinkles and dark circles and tones the skin giving a flawless complexion.

Direction To Use:

            Use this Serum after washing your face with a mild face wash. Always dab the Serum into your skin rather than rubbing it. I use this Serum every day after washing and toning my face.


          It smells exactly like tea tree, which is not my favourite smell. The smell doesn't last long. Overall the Serum smell is ok.

My Experience:

      My experience with natural VIBES products were amazing. As I have already used their VITA C SERUM, FACEPACK and their TEA TREE FACE WASH. So I was not having any kind of dought with the result of tea tree face Serum.
   I normally use this tea tree Serum for day time and Vita C Serum for night. The combination of these 2 products gave me amazing result, which I really did not expect.
    The oil secretion on my face has reduced a way lot and dark spots, uneven skin tone and pigmentation has reduced completely. And also it has brightened my skin.
  I love experimenting with natural skincare ranges like natural vibes has, which do not contain any kind of chemicals, paraben, SLS or any animal derived products.
  Also I love supporting natural products.

Do I Recommend / Repurchase:

              I 100% recommend NATURAL VIBES tea tree face Serum for everyone. Especially for those who have oily acne prone skin. During summer we should include a anti-bacterial product in our daily skincare routine. This will protect our skin from acne itching, blackheads, whiteheads and so on skin problems. This skincare product is a must for both Men and Women.
   Sure to Repurchase this tea tree face Serum again.

My Rating:  4.5/5

 I hope this review was helpful.
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