Lip balm is a common skincare product that every girl uses and each of us likes to use a different variant. And there are tons of variants available in the market, some are tinted, some are buttery, matte, glossy, and many more.
      Today am gonna share with you guys about a lip balm that is tinted and glossy. It has real lipstick gloss and that's the reason this lip balm is called " Gloss Boss".

About The Product:

               Dot & Key gloss boss lip balm has SPF30 with vitamin C+E for smooth, soft lips. Also, this lip balm contains shea butter, which helps to treat, protect & moisturize dry lips for smooth, soft & plump lips.

       All Dot & Key lip balms are 100% vegan with a non-sticky, lightweight texture.
    There are 4 variants available in this gloss boss lip balm:
                     1. Strawberry Crush
                     2. Watermelon Rush
                     3. Cocoa Mint
                     4. Mango Passion

Strawberry Crush:

                       Strawberry crush is one of the high-pigmented lip balms in this gloss boss range. It has that perfect red tint with a beautiful gloss and smells like strawberry.
                      One of my favorites for the all-party outfit and there is no need to add any lipstick under it.

Watermelon Rush:

                    Watermelon rush is a pink-tinted lip balm, which gives a fresh treat to your lips. Perfect for everyday wear and looks beautiful. Has a watermelon fragrance which gives a summer vibe.

Cocoa Mint:

                Cocoa mint has a nude brown tint. If you need a slight tint and gloss then cocoa mint is the perfect one. Suits well my skin tone and it's very subtle. Highly recommended for everyday use.

Mango Passion:

                Mango passion is the only lip balm in this variant that has no tint at all. If you are looking for a lip balm with zero tints and just gloss, then definitely get your hands on this.
                Can be applied every day just for hydration and gloss. The fragrance is divine.


                Dot & Key gloss boss lip balm comes in a tube packaging with a screw-opening cap.
                 This packaging reminds me of Himalaya lip balm which was a clear one. Each variant is differentiated by its hero ingredient color.
                  The product is easy to apply and it's totally travel-friendly.


              Dot & Key always mention their whole ingredient list without any hiding. Click on the given link to know about it.

Price & Availablity:

                      Dot & Key gloss boss lip balm is available as an individual piece as well as a pack of 4, which offers you a great discount. One which I bought is a pack of 4, retails for Rs.996.
      Individual pieces retail for 249 rupees. These lip balms are available online only.

My Verdict: (Click to watch the swatch)

            Lip balm is one such ingredient that I keep restocking and never miss using every day. And when I received this Dot & Key lip balm, I was super excited to try them, especially for their gloss, because lip gloss is my love.
         Since I like to wear lip gloss every day but it was kind of damaging my lips a lot, this lip balm was so handy at that time.
          The application of the lip balm is so smooth and it was hydrating too. But one drawback I felt was that the lip balm was a little sticky while applying, but it was totally comfortable while wearing.
      Also, I felt very uncomfortable wearing it under the surgical mask.
     Apart from that, the experience was good. Lip balm stayed on the lips for a decent amount of time but the gloss got faded after 1 or 2 hours if you are eating or drinking.
    From those two things this lip balm was so perfect and yes I recommend you guys to give it a try. And you can easily choose the perfect one for you with the tint level. 
      I personally loved strawberry crush and cocoa mint.
           My rating for this lip balm would be 4/5.

                          Stay Happy.... Stay Healthy

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