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      Today we are going to see about lip shades that are perfect for the monsoon from the brand "Belora Cosmetic".
        Here I have 3 shades from Belora Paris Long Kiss Edition.

     The first shade is "24 Mulbery Kiss". It's a mauve shade with pink undertone.
The colour is not so bright, which makes it perfect to wear everyday.
     The next shade is "15 Blush n kiss". It's a bright nude pink colour. Looks a bit washed off for my skin tone but am sure it's gonna look gorgeous in lighter skin tone.
    These liquid lipstick are enriched with "Chamomile and Vitamin E", which is gonna protect the lips from dryness.
       The last shade is "08 Mehr Kiss". My most favorite shade. It's a light maroon shade, which is better deep red and dark maroon. 
Perfect shade for medium to deeper skin tone.
    All the liquid lipsticks are made safe certified and dermatologically tested.
    Non-toxic & cruelty free.
  Definitely get your hands on these liquid lipstick and flaunt your look this monsoon.

   Stay happy....Stay healthy 

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