Chemist at play is India's first Ceramides-based skincare brand. All their products are based on 3Bs of skincare which is Bio-compatible, Bio-effective, and enriched with botanical actives.


                      Bio-compatible products are highly absorbable, penetrate into the deeper layer of the skin to fight common skin problems.


                      Bio-Effective products that work effectively to make the skin better with every use. Such products work well for sensitive skin too.

Botanical Actives:

                     All their skincare ingredients are derived from skin-friendly plant-based compounds. One of the most AMAZING Botanical actives is CERAMIDES.

    In today's blog, we will see a review on Chemist at play Brightening Serum with 20%Vitamin C+1%Tocopherol+0.5%Ferulic Acid.

About The Product:

                    Chemist At Play Brightening Serum delivers a powerful dose of antioxidants to reverse the environmental damage for brighter radiant-looking skin and an even-toned complexion.
              The most stable form of vitamin C present in the serum ensures that the antioxidant potency stays intact and delivers visible results.
             The vitamin E in the serum helps keep the skin hydrated and reduces skin inflammation.
             Ferulic acid fights the signs of aging.

Product Packaging:

                 Chemist at play brightening serum comes in a cylindrical cardboard box with the serum bottle inside. The serum is packed in a white glass bottle with a filler screw lid opening. 
                 The packaging is quite sturdy, good, and compact which is perfect for traveling.

Texture And Fragrance:

              The texture of the brightening face serum is a bit thick not runny and has a cloudy color. 
            Talking about the fragrance it has a strong citrusy orange fragrance and there is no other artificial fragrance added to this serum.

Cost And Availability:

                    Chemist at play brightening face serum retails for Rs.699 and is available in online stores like Amazon, Nykaa,, and Chemist at play website.

How To Use:

          After cleansing and toning skin, take 3 to 4 drops of brightening face serum and dab it all over the face and neck. Follow it up with a moisturizer if required.
Can be used day and night, but I prefer using it at night because sometimes vitamin C serum might oxidize during the day and cause skin darkening.
In case if you prefer using it in day time the make sure to apply sun protection with SPF50 PA++.

How It Brightens The Skin:

 👉 Serum is specially formulated to energize, rejuvenate and brighten dull & dry skin.
👉 Help reduce fine lines.
👉 Even out skin tone.
👉 Reduce hyperpigmentation like age spots, sun spots, and melasma.
👉 Keep skin hydrated and supple.

What Are The Main Ingredients Used:

     This serum consist of 2 essential ceramides:
                               👉 Rice Ceramides
                               👉 Konjac ceramides
It also contains:
20%Vitamin C - Most stabilized form (Ethyl Ascorbic Acid),                                         Highly effective.
1%Tocopherol - The purest form of  Vitamin E, Reduces the signs of aging.
0.5%Ferulic Acid - Increase firmness and boost radiance.

     You can check their full ingredient list on their website.

My Verdict:

        I started using this vitamin C serum in my night skincare routine along with hyaluronic acid. Since my skin is on the oily side I did not need any extra moisturization. 
      The serum was light-weight but was slightly sticky and it gets absorbed quickly into the skin. But after the application of hyaluronic acid, the stickiness fades away.
    The following day my skin was quite bright and plump, which I really loved. It has gradually reduced the pigmentation and helped in skin brightening.
    I never used this serum in my day routine, as vitamin C serum tends to oxidize and cause skin darkening. 
   According to me, I would definitely suggest you guys give this serum a try and I strongly advise you, not to use this serum during day time.
                     Stay Happy, Stay Healthy

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