Mama Earth is a well-known Indian brand, started by a parent. First, they came out with baby care products and gradually started introducing skincare & haircare products for both men & women. All their products are completely safe and certified toxin-free.

               Today we are going to see about one of their newly launched product that is Mama Earth Vitamin C Under eye Cream with Electric Massager with Vitamin C & Gotu kola for brightening under eyes.

About The Product:

                      Mama earth vitamin C under eye cream is coupled with the natural formulation of vitamin C, Gotu kola, and Niacinamide. This under-eye cream will effectively depuff your under-eye and improves blood circulation thus helping in better absorption of ingredients.

Benefits Of Using:

                     ➤Keeps under eyes moisturized.
                     ➤Brightens under eyes.
                     ➤Boosts collagen.
                     ➤Illuminates & plumps up the skin.
                     ➤Has in-built electric massager.
                     ➤Reduce fine lines & wrinkles.
                     ➤Dermatologically tested.
                     ➤No harmful chemicals.
                     ➤Suitable for all skin types.


                    Mama Earth Vitamin C under Eye cream comes in a white & green carton box and inside the box comes the product which is a white squeeze tube with an electric massager attached at the top. 
      The product can be taken out by squeezing the tube and can be applied directly with the massaging tip itself, followed by massaging the under-eye with the electric massager.
     All the details regarding the product are printed on the box and on the tube also.

Texture & Fragrange:

                 Mama earth Under eye cream has a thick gel texture and it's see-through. Glides easily on the skin and giving a cooling effect when applied with the steel massager.
    It has a mild floral fragrance.


               There are few key ingredients in this under-eye cream and other ingredient lists are clearly mentioned on their website. Click Here to check.

Key Ingredients:

         Vitamin C: Vitamin C helps in smoothing and firming the skin by encouraging the regeneration of new skin cells. It brightens the dull under eyes and fights free radicals that damage the skin.
         Gotu Kola: It helps in deep moisturization and boosts collagen production. Also soothes puffy and stressed under-eye skin.
        Niacinamide: Niacinamide protects the under eyes from sun damage. It helps improve skin texture and also prevents aging.
       Hyaluronic Acid: It's a water-absorbent molecule that plumps up the skin and keeps the skin hydrated. Results in a reduction of fine lines.

Cost & Availablity:

                    Mama earth vitamin C under eye cream with in-built electric massager retails for Rs.999 and it's available on all online websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa, and their official website

How To Use:

       It's a three-step process of application:
Step1: Cleanse face well and apply 3 dots under the eyes.
Step2: Switch on the electric massager and gently massage for 2 minutes.
Step3: Using fingers, gently massage in upward circular motions till absorbed.

My Experience:

                     Mama earth products are one of my favorite and I have tried many of their products, some worked well for me but few didn't. I have already tried their under-eye cream which did not have any massager but the packaging was almost the same except the massager. It worked so well for me in reducing dark circles. 

     Talking about the newly launched Vitamin C under eye cream with electric massager, it's very convenient to use compared to the early one.
    I have added this under-eye cream in my night skincare routine and the massager really gives a good relaxation for the eyes after all the hectic work in the day.

      I would probably call this an under-eye gel instead of a cream because I did not find a cream product in it. It's a transparent liquid that glides so smoothly under the eye.
     I prefer keeping this cream in the refrigerator 5 minutes ahead of using it because it gives a cooling effect and it's very relaxing. Do try it am sure you will get hooked to it.
      Taking about the result in reducing dark circles, yes it works well but it took time. Overall I loved the experience of using the massager which I have not tried before.
  The cost is a little high maybe it's because of the inbuilt electric massager. But its result is all the same as their older under-eye cream version.

     Using only under-eye cream for reducing dark circles and puffy eyes do not work, you should take good rest, increase your sleep time, try and reduce screen time, drink lots of water and be happy.
                    Stay Happy.... Stay Healthy....


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