Neutriderm Vitamin E Moisturising Lotion Review

    One of the most popular moisturizing lotion among makeup artists and YouTubers is Neutriderm Vitamin E moisturizing lotion. Do you know why? Just keep reading...

 Neutriderm Vitamin E moisturizing lotion is an Australian-made product with a potent anti-oxidant that quenches oxidized cells, inhibits free radicals, and activates healthy skin cells.

Product Claims:

                           Neutriderm vitamin E moisturizer helps to repair skin from overexposure to UV radiation. It improves the skin leaving it softer & smoother.
                         The anti-oxidant property and moisturizing property reduces the effect of erythema as well as wrinkles & age spots.
                         Suitable for all skin types and ideal to use before makeup.


                    Neutriderm Vitamin E Moisturising lotion comes in a white color tube with a silver flip cap. The tube comes in a cardboard box with all the details printed on it. The packaging is very classy and its travel friendly too.

Fragrance & Texture:

             The fragrance is very mild and somewhere close to the baby cream smell. It's totally pleasing to me.
              Talking about the texture, it's quite thick and creamy but it feels very light and non-greasy on my skin.


             Purified water, Isopropyl myristate,  emulsifying wax, caprylic/capric triglycerides, glyceryl stearate, Cetearyl alcohol, glycerin, tocopheryl disodium phosphate (vitamin E), carbomer, dimethicone, dimethyl lauramide oleate, lactic acid, fragrance, sodium PCA, sodium benzoate, chloroacetamide, triethanolamine.

Direction To Use:

          Apply the required amount of Neutriderm vitamin E lotion on to cleanser face and neck. Massage it slowly in a circular motion. The lotion gets absorbed quickly into the skin and leaves a soft matte finish.

Price & Availability:

         Neutriderm Vitamin E moisturizing lotion Costs Rs.850 for 125ml.
        Available in online stores like Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa, and their official website

My Verdict:

     I came to know about this product through youtube, where lots of YouTubers were talking about this product and its goodness. As it was meant for all skin types, thought of giving it a try.
     Got it for Rs.850 which is a little bit high but still, it was ok for me. 
      It's a water-based moisturizer, which is gonna work well for even acne oily skin. 
    When applied the product gets absorbed quickly and leaves a matte, smooth, soft finish. Which is perfect for my oily skin. 
    I use it even as my makeup base, which keeps my skin moisturized throughout the day and also keeps oil secretion under control.
    The anti-oxidant property in this lotion helps to reduce the effects of erythema, redness, wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots.

     Neutriderm moisturizing lotion is also effective in preventing stretch marks due to pregnancy, as it makes skin smoother and softer.
      It's a lightweight, non-greasy, and non-sticky moisturizing lotion.


         💓Unique vitamin E moisturizer with excellent soothing and replenishing properties.
         💓Provides a long-lasting moisturizing effect for all skin types.
         💓 It is a Water-based moisturizer that suits not only dry skin but also oily and sensitive skin.
         💓Potent anti-oxidant moisturizer ten times more absorption than vitamin E acetate cream.
        💓A superior moisturizer than to other vitamin E-based cream/lotion.
Overall a good moisturizer for winter and summer for my skin (oily/acne-prone). Helps in keeping skin moist and supple. Highly recommend for treating a dry skin condition, sunburnt skin, erythema, and redness. Best to be used as a makeup base.

                                 Stay Happy... Stay Healthy

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