Tulsi/Basil Face Pack For Glowing, Fairness And Acne Control


Tulsi is also known as "Holy Basil", is well popular for its numerous benefits. This plant is not only beneficial for health but also for skin & hair. Also known for its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Top Benefits Of Tulsi/Basil:

 🍃 It deep cleans the skin.
 🍃 Brightens the complexion.
  🍃Prevents blackheads.
  🍃 Reduce acne.
  🍃 Control oil secretion.
   🍃Protect skin from infection.

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Tulsi Facepack For Glow, Fairness, Acne Control:

     For preparing a tulsi/basil face pack all you need is:
                          ➤25-30 Tulsi Leaves
                                    20-30 Neem Leaves
                          1 Tablespoon honey

 👉Wash tulsi and neem leaves well under running water and then grind them into a paste without adding water. 
 👉 Now empty this into a bowl and add honey to it.
 👉 Mix it well and apply it to a clean dry face.
 👉 Leave it for about 20 minutes to dry.
 👉 Wash off with water and pat dry.
 👉Do this face pack twice a week.
This face pack helps in reducing oiliness on the skin and removes impurities, also protect skin from further breakouts.
It is an excellent face pack for oily-combination skin.

                                      Stay Happy Stay Healthy

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