Skincare | Seer Secrets Tranquility Facial Mist Review

            Facial mist has the power to turn your dull skin into a fresh hydrated skin. Facial mist also helps to protect your skin from face makeup, set makeup or provide an additional boost of hydration. They are particularly helpful if you have dry skin.



Today I am sharing review on one such facial mist which am currently using. It's from the brand "Seer Secrets" Tranquility facial mist with silverated lavender & geranium.

About The Product:

           Hydration acceleration, tranquility facial essence is a perfect step to add into your daily skincare regime. This refreshing facial mist can also be used multiple times in a day as a gentle skin refresher.


        Seer Secrets packaging is always unique and beautiful. The facial mist comes in a transparent spray bottle which is packed in a cardboard can.

   All the details regarding the product and brand is given in the outer packaging.


       Lavender hydrosol, geranium hydrosol, frankincense hydrosol, silver hydrosol, glycerine, citric acid, Vitamin B5 and aloe vera extract.

How to Use:

         Spray a little amount of Seer Secrets facial mist any time of the day to feel fresh and rejuvenated. The astonishing fragrance will act as a form of aromatherapy for mini spa break during the day.

My Verdict:

         Seer Secrets has turned out to be my favorite for its beautiful and refreshing fragrance. It gives a instant lift up to the mood and makes ourselves feel fresh and energetic.

  I use this facial mist as toner too, before applying my skincare product and also during the day to keep my skin hydrated.


     ➡️ It's dermatologically tested.
     ➡️ It's cruelty free.
     ➡️ Multi use such as toner and facial mist.
     ➡️ Free from paraben and sulfate.
     ➡️ Authentic ayurvedic formulation.
     ➡️ Instant refreshing effect.
    ➡️ Travel friendly packaging.
    ➡️ Affordable and easily available.

Cost & Availablity:

      Cost ₹369 for 100ml. 
To purchase click here and also available at

That was my review on Seer Secrets Tranquility facial mist. Seer Secrets also has many skincare products, click here to check.

 Stay happy.... Stay healthy



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