Skincare| Seer Secrets hydrating Soy Milk Enzyme body cleanser review

            Body wash gives luxurious effect to our bath and I love using body wash, for its beautiful calming fragrance which last longer than soap. Also body wash are more gentle and soft on skin.
        Recently I got my hands on Seer Secrets body wash and today am giving a detailed review on it.

     Seer Secrets is an Indian brand which produce products under authentic ayurvedic formulation. All seer Secrets products are dermatologically tested and contain no paraben & sulphate and cruelty free.

Body Cleanser:


 Hydrating soya milk enzyme body cleanser is infused with rose geranium nuture, which hydrates body.
     Rose geranium is an excellent ingredient for purifying skin.
   The anti-inflammatory properties of Rose geranium, balance sebum and control oily skin.


          Seer Secrets body cleanser comes in a see-through plastic bottle with a pump opening.
   Required amount of product can be taken easily through pump opening. Hence the packaging is travel friendly and convenient to use.


         ₹486 for 200ml.

Texture & Consistency:

           It has a smooth silky texture and a thick liquid consistency.

Body wash has a fruity critic fragrance. It's very calming and soothing.

Key Ingredient:

          Coconut derivative base, Aqua, amla and reetha extract, geranium essential oil, rose extract, soy protein, phenoxyethenol, ethylhexylglcerin.

How To Use:

          On a moistened loofah, pour seer Secrets enzyme body cleanser. Generate luxurious lather by rubbing the loofah on body for intense hydration.
   Rinse with water to wash off the product effectively.

My Experience:

          I really loved the gel consistency of the body Cleanser and also the fragrance was very refreshing.

Few pump of the cleanser is good enough for one wash and it lather well.
  The most important thing I love about this cleanser is that it didn't dry my skin at all.
Normally after a shower my skin lose all its moisture and turns dry but that did not happen with this cleanser.
  Am totally in love with this product and I'm looking forward to try other variant in body cleanser from seer secret.
     So that was my review on seer secret hydrating soya milk enzyme body cleanser. Definitely check out their other amazing products here.

  Stay happy.... Stay healthy

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