Sacred Salts Milk Protein Bright And White Peel off Mask With Aloe Vera Extract

Hello everyone today am sharing my review about a Peel off Mask which am currently using. It's from the brand Sacred Salts and this is my first product from this brand. The brand and the product are quiet new to me. So come let's check how this product has worked.

About The Brand:

        All the products from Sacred Salts are cruelty free, paraben free and 100% organic. They are gentle and effective on skin.
    Each and every product from sacred Salts are dermatologically tested.
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Peel off Mask comes in a 100gm squeeze tube. It has a flip open which can be easily locked after every use.
    Tube is made out of good quality plastic and all the details about the product is clearly given on the tube.
Also the tube has a outer package, in which also all the details about the product is given including manufacture & expiry date.


          Active ingredient in the product is aloe Vera Extract. They also contain milk protein, aloe Vera juice, purified water, glycerine, propylene glycol, methylchloroisothia, grapeseed oil, titanium dioxide, fragrance.


      Apply the mask evenly on face. Let the mask dry for 15-20 minutes ( Ensure mask has dried completely).
  Gently peel the dried mask off and rinse your face thoroughly with warm water.
   Apply moisturizer after use.

My Experience:

     I came across this brand Sacred Salts through Instagram and wanted to try one of their products, as all their products looked promising. So I got this peel off Mask to start of with.
   I ordered it through Amazon and got it in real quick time.
    The first thing what I noticed about this product is the fragrance, which made me fall in love with it. It has a pure milk kind of fragrance, which gives the effect of luxurious product.
    Product looked exactly like milk, which is quiet thick and creamy.
   I could easily apply it all over my cleaned face well.
   Made sure to apply it evenly as mentioned in the package. Let it on my skin till it got dried completely.
   I could feel my skin getting tight. Once it got dried completely. I peeled it off in upwards direction and washed my face.
  My skin had that bright glow. Pores were looking more clean and it has removed tan from my face.
     On top of all, it did not leave my skin dry or rough. Instead it has moisturized and made my skin buttery soft. Gave a fresh glowing look for my skin.
  Totally happy and impressed with the product, as it was my first experience.
  This peel off Mask is specially ment for normal to oily skin. So I would highly recommend it to them.


       ₹499 for 100gms
  If interested to buy, it's available in Amazon and also at their site

         Stay happy...... Stay healthy

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