Hey guys.... Hope all doing good. Today am sharing with you my best home remedy for BLACKHEADS on nose. I know having blackheads/ whiteheads on the nose is the most irritating and annoying thing. If you are worried about that then stop worrying. Am going to tell you the best and the easy way to get rid of those blackheads from nose.

Cause For Blackheads:

  Blackheads occurs for many reasons such as excess oil secretion on the skin, exposure to  pollution, unsuitable makeup products or leftover makeup on skin and lack of hygiene.
    There are many products in the market fir removing blackheads and they are a bit expansive and sometimes they do not do what they promise. Luckily there are products around our house which can be used for getting rid of those blackheads.
  Since this is a home remedy you need to be constant for the best result.


                    Blackheads are the blackish dot on the skin that are left on the skin surface. Medically blackheads are known as "COMEDONES".

     These blackheads will mostly appear where there are open pores on the skin. We human have lots of open pores around nose, that's why blackheads forms there easily. Blackheads are early stage of pimples. 

Remedy For Blackheads:

                  When there is excess of oil production, the sebum can accumulate in the gland duct, which blocks the open pores with some dust which turns into blackish dots. These blackish dots are blackheads which turns into pimples and Scars.
      So now am going to share with you my best natural home remedy for blackheads.
 Actually this home remedy are if 3 steps:
                  ◆ CLEANSING / SCRUBBING
                  ◆ STEAMING
                  ◆ PACK

Cleansing/ Scrubbing:

  First clean your skin with alovera gel, which you prefer either natural or the one available in the market. Here am using natural alovera. 
  Just take one stem of alovera and slit open into two and rub the gel on to the skin well . Do it for good 5 minutes. Once that done just take a cotton pad and wipe off the excess gel from the face.
     This helps to clean the pores well and remove all the dirts.


                  For Scrubbing you need
     ◆ old tooth brush ( bristles should be damaged)
     ◆ colgate paste
     ◆ salt

Mix little colgate paste and salt well. Apply it on the nose and scrub very gently with the brush. Make sure you scrub very gently.

This helps to remove the blackheads and dead skin around the nose and make skin very soft.


               For steaming you need 
        ◆ soft towel (small piece)
        ◆ warm water
 Just dip the towel in warm water and place it on top of the nose.
Repeat this step for 3-4 times. This helps to open up the pores well.


        For pack all you need is
    ◆ yogurt
    ◆ multani mitti ( Fuller's earth)

Just mix half teaspoon yogurt and multani mitti and apply it on the nose. Once its dried just rinse off with cold water. Cold water helps to close the open pores. After doing all these steps rub ice cube on the nose and apply your moisturizer.

How To Prevent Blackheads:


         ● Follow a proper facial cleansing routine, 2 times a day. Like have a fixed morning routine and night routine.
         ● Do not feel lazy to clean the makeup/ dirt from the face before hitting the bed.
         ● Make sure to do Scrubbing at least 2 times a week followed by your favorite face pack.
         ● Try to consume as little as possible  foods those are rich in saturated fats.
         ● Do not remove blackheads with your nails directly, which may lead to infections.
         ● Do a deep cleansing of your face by a professional at least once a year.

         Make sure you follow all those steps and get a clean flawless skin. Very important thing is to be constant with your routine. This will bring a huge difference in your skin.                                           Hope it was helpful

                                              Stay happy......Stay healthy

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