New Nivea Women Deodorant Roll-on, Deo Milk Sensitive

  Roll-on deodorant is an excellent choice to keep you smelling clean & fresh. I always prefer using roll-on instead of deodorant spray, as it intact the product exactly where needed, also less wastage.

 Today's review is about the newly launched roll-on from Nivea.

Nivea Women's Deodorant - Deo Milk Sensitive Roll-on:


Deo milk is Nivea's first range of deodorant sprays and roll-on with precious milk essence.
      Gives fragrant, beautiful, and nourished underarm.
      It replenishes, protects, and beautifies underarm skin for instant silky softness after hair removal.



This new launch Nivea roll-on has the same packaging as the usual Nivea roll-on, which is a see-through glass bottle with a screw cap.
     The packaging is sturdy, hygenic, and also convenient to use. 
     All the details regarding the product are printed on the bottle.

Texture & Fragrance:

   Nivea Deodorant deo milk has a white creamy texture, which easily glides on the skin and spreads evenly.
   The product leaves behind a beautiful floral smell that lasts for the whole day.
 Also, it doesn't leave a white mark on clothes.


Nourished Underarm:
                   Precious milk essence underarm skin to give a smooth and beautiful underarm.
Odour Protection:
                  Keeps bacteria away for odor control that lasts up to 48 hours.
Pleasant Fragrance:
                 Enjoy a pleasant fragrance that lasts all day.
For Sensitive skin:
                This sensitive variant is suitable for sensitive skin.

Cost & Availablity:


  This Nivea deodorant roll-on deo milk sensitive retails for Rs.225 for 40ml.
         This product is available in all leading online stores and also offline.
         Click Here to avail the best price.

Final Verdict:


 Nivea is one of my most favorite brand when it comes to roll-on. I have used their previous version of roll-on too, which was pretty good for me.
    This Deo milk roll-on looks quite similar to the previous roll-on which Nivea had. 
   Starting from the texture, its fragrance, consistency & lasting power everything is the same, except the packaging.
   I have no cons to say about this product as it does what it claims.
  Overall it is a fabulous roll-on, you can use it every day after showering on dry skin. It non-sticky doesn't stain the clothes.
  It controls sweat & odor and gives a dry refreshed feeling all day.
  Also, it doesn't give any burning sensation even if used on freshly shaved underarms.
  The best part about this roll-on is, it does not contain alcohol and paraben.
  Easily available and it's pocket-friendly.
  The only drawback I feel is its packaging, which is a glass bottle.

Rating: 4.8/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐

           Stay Happy........ Stay Healthy

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