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                     Looking for a perfect face wash for oily skin? Then you should definitely take a look at this blog.
         Today am sharing my review on seer secrets sebum retarding facial cleanser with lemon Shorea & cinnamon for oily skin.

    This face wash is specially designed for oily acne-prone skin, so do not worry about any side effects like acne, dryness or redness, because it's dermatologically tested and contains no parabens & sulfate.

About The Product:

                    Seer Secrets lemone shorea & cinnamon sebum retarding facial cleanser is all you need to pamper your face. This gentle creamy cleanser eliminates every last trace of oil while counteracting the ravage brought by everyday exposure to pollution.



Seer Secrets facial cleanser comes in a transparent pump bottle which is packed in a cardboard can. Cardboard packaging is the uniqueness of Seer Secret.
   It's easy to pump out the required amount of product and it's mess-free. Also, the packaging is travel friendly.
  All the details regarding the product are printed on the outer package of the can and the bottle.


         This ultimate sebum retarding facial cleanser is enriched with heavenly-scented formula. It's quite relaxing.

       It has a creamy gel consistency, which clarifies and detoxifies without stripping, leaves the face feeling refreshed, protected, and glowing.


       Coconut derivatives base, lemongrass essential oil, lemon, aqua, cinnamon leaf essential oil, phenoxyethanol, xanthan gum, shorea robusta resin, limonene.

Cost & Availability:

        ₹387 for 100ml Buy now.
Also available at all online sites.

How To Use:

      Squeeze a small amount of Seer Secret facial cleanser into the palm. Apply it to the face in a circular motion. Massage face for about a minute. Rinse thoroughly with water.

My Verdict:

     This is such a beautiful cleanser for oily skin. It deeply cleanses the skin, at the same time it nourishes. I did not feel any dryness after using.
  Talking about consistency and fragrance, they are really good.
      Lemon shorea & cinnamon in the cleanser helps in detoxifying the skin from all dirt & pollution and leaves pores clean.
  I did not get any new breakouts after using this cleanser. Finally found a perfect mild cleanser for my oily acne-prone skin.
  This face wash works perfectly for combination skin too. For dry skin, Seer Secret has come out with Honey & Geranium pore-refining multi cleanser click here to know more details regarding this product.

   So that was my review on Seer Secrets facial cleanser for oily skin.         

                 Stay happy...... Stay healthy

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