Teeth Whitening Powder

     Hey everyone sharing my review about Urban Botanics Teeth Whitening Powder. I came across this product in Amazon and it's was the best selling product out there. So decided to give it a try, to know  if it's worth or not?

Product Claims:

               Activated charcoal is the pure form of food grade charcoal which helps in pulling the strain off teeth. It is safe and excellent teeth whitening product which contains no harmful synthetic chemicals but only natural colour and flavour.
               ➡️ No acidic plaque
               ➡️ Balance oral microbiome
               ➡️ Fresh breath
               ➡️ Fight cavities
               ➡️ Adsorption function


               Product comes in a black coloured plastic tub. It has a screw opening lid. Very convenient to open and use the product. It also contain a spill proof lid inside, which helps you avoid the mess caused while opening.
 Overall the packaging is neat but I don't think it's travel friendly. Ofcourse you can transfer them into a smaller container for travel purpose.
  Details regarding the product including manufacture and expiry date is given in the container.


                Activated coconut charcoal Powder, calcium carbonate powder, bentonite powder, peppermint oil, spearmint oil, clove oil, menthol, sidius benzoate, potassium sorbate.


             Use a soft bristle tooth brush. Just damp brush in the powder or sprinkle powder on wet tooth brush.
 Gently brush tooth for one or two minutes. Rinse throughly. Use once or twice weekly.


           ₹650 for 100g.


         I was looking for a teeth whitener in Amazon and this product popped up as it was the best seller out there. Received it within few days of ordering.
       Product looks like a normal charcoal Powder, which was black in colour. It smells great, can get that pure fresh mint smell. Also it taste great.  
      There was no burning sensation while brushing. Also don't expect any instant result because there is no chemical in this product to whiten the teeth instantly. I could see visible result after 2 weeks of use.
     The quantity of the product is lots, so it will last you more than 2 months.
    Overall experience  is good and the result of getting white teeth is for sure. If anyone looking forward to buy teeth whitening powder, do give this a try.
          Stay happy..... Stay healthy


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