Nourishvital Amal candy ( Indian Gooseberry)

        If you are wondering " What's Amla?" . It's Indian Gooseberry, this fruit is packed with many healthy benefits and it can be easily added to the diet for weightloss.

Health Benefits Of Amla:

➡️ Rich in Antioxidant.
➡️ Anti cancer effect.
➡️ Protect brain.
➡️ High fiber and low in calories
➡️ Good for heart
➡️ Help reduce weight
➡️ Improve oral health
➡️ Good for eyes.
    Consuming Amla ( Indian Gooseberry) everyday helps to gain healthy skin and hair.
 So here am introducing you a Amla candy from the brand Nourish vital, which contain all the benefits of Amla in a easy way to consume everyday.

Talking About The Brand:

 Nourish vital premium quality Amla candy is manufactured from fresh grown Amla, which not only tested but also is an immunity booster. Being packed with Vitamin C and numerous nutrients.
   It very well rejuvenate body system and is one of the best fruit for daily use 


      It comes in a long plastic bottle with a air tight lid. Quite convenient to open and take out the product. Since it's a air tight container, there won't be any fungus formation in the food. Also the contain is spill proof and travel friendly.


     Nourish vital is known for offering organic, healthy food products which are distinguished by their quality and packaging.
  All natural pledge- Non GMO, No trans-fats, cooking oils, chemicals, preservatives, nothing article added.


   Packed with rich source of natural nutrients.


     ₹299/- for 200 grams

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            Nourish vital Amla candy

Benefits on skin:

➡️ As it's rich in Antioxidant, it helps to reduce sign of premature ageing, like wrinkles and fine lines.
➡️ Reduce dark spots/ pigmentations.
➡️ Fights acne.
➡️ Give natural healthy glow for skin.
➡️ Naturally cleanse skin.

Benefits On Hair:

➡️ It's a solution for any kind of hair problem.
➡️ Prevent drandruff.
➡️ Prevent premature grey hair.
➡️ Strengthens hair strands.
➡️ Prevent hair loss.
➡️ Act as a natural conditioner.

Final verdict:

       It's been few months am taking this amla candy everyday. It has really helped in my overall health. 
  Now in my city it rains quiet offen and the climatic conditions are so bad, which makes me fall ill. After taking this amla candy it has improved or boosted my immunity level and am feeling more healthy. Not only this it has even reduced my hair fall and dandruff issue.
 Whenever I feel to much something, I head over to this amla candy and this helped me in getting into a healthy diet.
  If any of you want to loss weight and also cannot stop taking candy, then switch to this sweet Amla candy, which you are going to love it.

           Stay happy..... Stay healthy

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