Hair Mask is the best way to retain the strength and shine in hair and also it helps in deeply nourishing the hair from scalp to hair tip. Hair Mask is particularly important if you are having dry, damaged and frizzy hair.
     Always try to use hair Mask which has natural ingredients including argan oil, coconut oil, Shea Butter etc. Try to do hair Mask atleast once in a week to retain that beautiful shine and strength in hair.
     Today am sharing my favourite hair Mask which am using for past few months and am totally obsessed with the product. It's St. Botanica biotin & collagen hair Mask.

 Interested in knowing why I love it so much???? Then keep reading....
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Why St. Botanica hair Mask:

       🍁 St. Botanica hair Mask is a concoction of several natural components including 2 key ingredient:
These two ingredients supports the building block of hair.
       🍁 St. Botanica hair Mask is a natural formation of oils, vitamins and organic extracts. This helps in transformation of dull, thin and damaged hair into rich, silky, hydrated and healthy hair.
       🍁 It's 100% free from parabens, sulphate, mineral oils, unsafe chemicals and colours.
       🍁 Suitable for all hair type and perfect for both men and women.


               It comes in a plastic tub with a wide mouth opening, which makes it convenient to take out the product and has a thin metal lid to close. All the information regarding the product is given in the container itself.


      Biotin: Biotin helps in getting rid of uncombable hair syndrome and reduce it's symptoms such as scaling, hair loss and hair breakability.
     Hydrolyzed collagen: Collagen comprises of amino acids that helps keratin production, a protein that promotes hair growth. The anti oxidant nature of collagen stabilizes free radicals and protect hair from damage.
     Hydrolyzed silk protein: Hydrolyzed silk protein is a strong agent that retains moisture 10,000 times it's weight. It exhibits excellent moisture binding and repairing ability. It forms a thin water film around the hair strands and impacts luster, elasticity, softness and strength to the hair.
      Vitamin E:  Vitamin E form a protective sheath over the cuticles, seals the moisture and reduce split ends. Vitamin E is belived to enhance blood circulation and apply of oxygen and nutrients to the scalp leading to an increase in the number and size of the hair follicles. It makes the hair hydrated, lustrous, voluminous and combable.
      Moroccan argan oil: Argan oil premeatres the cuticles effectively and conditions the hair resulting in shiny, supple, flexible and manageable hair. The retinoid present in argan oil helps to regulate the production and management of sebum and hydrates the scalp effectively.
      Avacado oil: Avacado oil which is rich in monosaturated fatty acid, protein and minerals, reinforce the building block of hair. The vitamin E in avacado boots the hair follicles.
  Avacado oil is belived to seal the cuticles and reduce split ends. Also helps in detangling the hair. 
   Avacado's moisturizing property helps alleviate dry and brittle hair. It help in protecting hair damage from environmental elements such as exposure to pollution, sunlight etc.
     Shea Butter: Shea Butter is nature to West Africa. The high fatty acid content in the form of stearic acid, oleic acids, palmitic, linoleic and arachidic acids makes Shea Butter an excellent moisturizing agent. The vitamin E rich Shea Butter revitalizes the scalp and hair and helps promote hair growth.
     Oats extract: Oats extract is rich in essential fatty acids, vitamin A and E and mineral. The vitamin B in oats extract, which act as a humectant, draw moisture to the outer surface of the hair and revitalize it.
  It relieves brittleness, makes hair more flexible and eliminate damage to wavy and frizzy hair.
   Peppermint oil: Peppermint oil is belived to relieve dryness, irritations and other scalp issues. Menthol present in peppermint oil is a vasodilator. It improves blood circulation that increase the supple of essential nutrients to the follicles.

How To Use:

        First wash hair with your regular shampoo. Then dole St.botanica hair Mask and apply it. Massage the Mask well from roots to the end of the hair. Leave it for 5 mins and then rinse off throughly with water.


        It cost ₹1199 for 300ml of product.
Available at and And also other online sites.

My Experience:

       I definitely would start my experience with the fragrance of the product, as that was the first thing which attracted me. It smells that good. Such a beautiful floral smell which will easily last in hair for 3 to 4 days after use.
  Talking about the consistency, it's quiet thick, creamy one. Which can be easily scooped out using fingers and spread it well on hair.

  First washed my hair well with my regular shampoo and squeezed out the excess water from hair and then spread the hair Mask evenly all over my hair from scalp to the hair end.
   Massaged it for little while and tied up the hair and let the Mask set for 5 to 7 mins. Then rinsed it well with running water. I felt a smooth silkiness in my hair when I was washing off the hair Mask and also made my hair tangle free.
  After my hair got dried there was no need of using any Serum for reducing the frizzeness. Totally changed the texture of my hair, more smooth, soft and straight.
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 I totally loved the way my hair changed after using this hair Mask. Such a amazing product and also experienced the result of the product from first use itself.

Do I Recommend:

       Yes yes yes!!!!!
  I would highly recommend for everyone, even if your hair is coloured you can use it.

      So that was my review about St. Botanica biotin & collagen hair Mask.
Have you use this??? If so do share your experiences in the comments below.

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         Stay happy.... Stay healthy

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